Over 5,000 critically low income families served.

Mary's Wish

Mary's Wish

"Simple Acts of Kindness"

Application Guidelines

for critical income families
Attention Please:

We are pleased to announce that our Board of Directors is dedicated to serve 10 families with furniture vouchers for each month. We will be helping people on a "first come" basis. We are delighted to serve the public each day we are open.

Anyone in critical need is welcome to apply for no cost furniture and household items.

This is what you need to qualify:

1. Minnesota photo ID

2. Proof of income: One of the following, Medical Assistance card, Referral letter from a recognized agency, or EBT card.

The process is simple and takes just 10 minutes. You may shop the same day. We ask that you take your purchase with you or use our delivery service. Furniture cannot be held in order to make room for donations coming in.

Your registration is good only one time so make the best out of our selection.

We welcome your registration and hope you enjoy the Furniture Depot experience.

Winter Hours(Nov. 1 to March 31) - Wednesday to Saturday: 10am to 5pm.

Summer Hours(April 1 to Oct. 31) - Thursdayt o Saturday: 10am to 54m.

Questions? Call 952-442-2268.

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Mary's Wish